Phil Reynolds


A Northerner born and bred, Phil lives and works in the North East, where he runs a successful studio that gives him space to teach private classes.
His work explores the ground between abstraction and figuration where forms emerge from plumes of acrylic paint. His work is instinctive but keenly observed bringing together raw marks with more mediated responses. Phil likens visual marks or colours to musical notes and feels he is engaged in an aural as well as visual process.
Phil?s career did not follow a conventional path. Working on the yachts in the Mediterranean, as a street artist sketching portraits in the South of France and later back in England as a successful bookmaker, it wasn?t until he was in his late 20?s that he finally decided that he wanted to follow a more creative path.
Spurred on by this creative urge he went to study Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 1997 and since then has pursued his career as an artist and teacher exhibiting his work in contemporary Galleries throughout the North of England.

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